In the Spring 2016 issue

Main Features:
Guiding Light: Author Eric Jay Dolin illuminates the American lighthouse
Old Rivalries Never Die: Tales of 'Header lore are founded in legend and reality
A Palette for Pets: Painter Alicia Irick Cohen finds her muse in furry, four-legged models
Behind Kitchen Doors: Meet the culinary artists who create some of the tastiest dishes in town
Also Featuring:
It Happened Here: Lost at Sea: The storm of 1846.
Leader: Brain Train: Former Magicians star Josh Freedland's own head injury inspired his new business.
Homes: Honoring the Past: A bit of the Old South preserved in Sewall Street home.
Leader: All Smiles: Katy Bednar's long route to orthodontics leads her back home, alongside her father.
Q&A: Over and Out: Retired Fire Captain Mike Porter looks back on his 32 years of civil service.
Found in Marblehead: Tools from Town: Culinary finds inspired by our 5 featured chefs.
Out & About: Featuring the Marblehead Festival of Arts Logo Premiere Party.
On the Cover:
"A Spring Sail for the Jackson Cup." By Eyal Oren/Wednesdays in Marblehead.
Wednesdays in Marblehead was started in August 2010 by Eyal Oren as a personal project to explore the town of Marblehead. Eyal moved to Marblehead with his family in May 2008 to begin work as an allergist at the Asthma and Allergy Affiliates in Salem. What started as a small project aimed at sharing landscape images once per week (Wednesday is his day off from work) quickly evolved into an incredible fulfilling profession.
Eyal has won numerous awards for his images of Marblehead and now shares them daily on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Eyal continues to find new compositions that showcase the beauty of this town. His hardcover coffee-table book published in 2014 is now in its second printing. Learn more at